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Samsung Smart TV

Ever thought about streamlined development in Samsung Smart TV applications? Well, Wits is here to the rescue. Wits in Samsung Smart TV applications reloads the application in TV during development. This in turn frees the developer from the compiling and the packaging process involved when developing applications in TV directly. It comes into play in the development phase and when developing directly in the TV. A lot of the development time can be saved by avoiding the packaging and the reinstalling steps during each code change.

Smart TV application development

Developing applications for Samsung Smart TV involves editing the code in the IDE, and then viewing the output in the TV or emulator. Each application code edit, involves a set of steps to be done to view the output in the TV or emulator. The steps involve compilation of the modified code, packaging the modified code, installing the app on the device and then finally reloading the application. These mundane steps consumes a lot of development time in the long run.

Continuous integration in Smart TV development

Continuous integration is a common term in modern development era. This term came to the idea of most developers in modern web development. In modern web development, almost all technologies provide the hot reloading feature. This saves the developer a lot of time in recompiling and refreshing the application manually. The application compiles and reloads itself on any of the application code change. This technology is shifted to the TV development environment by Samsung. The developer developing in TV does not have to follow the manual method of reloading the app.

What is Wits?

Wits is an open source technology based on the NodeJs platform and is hosted in GitHub. It enables hot application reload in Samsung Smart TV development. It comes into play only during developing with the TV device. Wits automatically reloads the application for each code change. Wits saves a lot of development time by automatically reloading the application. Without Wits, the developer has to manually reload the application by compiling, packing and installing it in the TV for each code change.

Advantages of Wits

Using Wits has many advantages for a Samsung Smart TV developer. The following list show the advantages of Wits one by one.

  • Instant application reload
  • Saving large amounts of development time
  • Enables continuous integration of the application with the TV
  • Active during the development phase
  • Comes into play with the TV device used in development
  • No manual syncing of code with the TV on each code change
  • Based on the NodeJs platform, so every developer feels right at home during setting up and using this feature
  • Code is open source and hosted in Github. Anyone can contribute code to this project.

Support in Smart TVs for Wits

Wits being a latest concept introduced by Samsung, is supported in the latest models of Smart TV starting from the year 2017. From 2017 onward, every Smart TV introduced by Samsung runs on the Tizen platform. The developer gets a wide variety of TV models for their applications to run on. Before 2017, all the Smart TVs were running on the Samsung legacy platform.


Wits is a technology that live reloads the Samsung Smart TV application to the TV device. Developers can use Wits for developing on the TV. Wits will automate the task of compiling and packaging and installing the changed application in the TV. This will save a lot of development time to the user, thereby increasing the quality of work and in turn the quality of the product. We will look into the technical aspects of Wits in our future articles.

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