Viewing source code of Smart TV libraries

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV development kit provides various tools for the developers to develop applications. The major tool being the Samsung TV IDE which is an eclipse based environment for developing applications. The major portion of development can be done by using the JavaScript language along with the libraries provided by Samsung TV. The libraries provided by Samsung contains the APIs for utilizing various features of the TV. There are no direct places where the developer can get a deeper look into the source code of that Libraries. This article shows a way to get a view at the source code of the libraries provided by Samsung. The keen developer can use this information to get a bit more information about the working of the API.

The development process for any platform is accompanied by another task known as debugging. Samsung TV IDE also provides the debugging tools for the developer to find out any bugs with the code during the development process. The following video tutorials will give a detailed insight on how to debug a Samsung Smart TV application


The above videos explained the process involved in debugging a Smart TV application. During the debugging process when the developer is in the networking or the sources panel, the developer can view the list of files that are utilized for the rendering of the current page. The best place to look for among the two is the sources panel. In the sources panel, there is a small file browser panel on the left side that shows the active files and folders for the current page. In the left side folder search for the one names $MANAGER_WIDGET. Inside, it contains all the files that you have included in your application. You can view the contents and copy them and save them in a separate file in any folder of your choice.

Now the developer can always have a look at the saved copy of the source code of a specific library and can get deeper insights into it based on the curiosity of the developer. The list of functions that the Smart TV provides can be obtained from the API reference. The source code will provide much more deeper insights into the library.

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