Updating and uninstalling Samsung TV extensions

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV extension manager enables the developer to manage the extensions for the Samsung TV platform. The management tasks not only involves installation, but also updation and uninstallation of the extensions. The Samsung TV includes various extensions for it’s full fledged development like TV emulators, simulators, testing environments etc. These comes in various form-factors based on the type of TV environment in which the developer is going to develop.

Updating extensions

If updates are available for a specific extension, a button indicating the availability of the updates is found when the user opens the extension manager. The updates available button when clicked will show the necessary updates. The user can select the available update and can individually update the extensions or updating all at a single click. It’s up to the user.

Samsung TV extension update available

Samsung TV extension update available

Uninstalling extensions

The package manager also provides options for removing an unwanted extension. This extension may be the one in which the user is currently not developing, or the one in which it is not supported etc. The reasons can vary. In the extension manager, when the user selects a listed extension, the option button shows delete option for an extension that is already installed. On clicking the delete button, the user is prompted with an uninstall prompt. Then the user can continue the uninstall process.

Samsung TV extension removal

Samsung TV extension removal


The Samsung TV extension manager thus serves as an effective tool to manage Samsung TV extension. Overall it is of great help to the developers to manage the extensions.

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