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Developing applications for Tizen TV platforms is simply straightforward. The Tizen TV SDK provides the necessary APIs for all the developers, that helps them in implementing their tasks at ease. The Tizen studio has inbuilt project creation wizards that helps in quickly bootstrapping a Tizen TV application. This article will be discussing on how to create a new sample project for Tizen TV using the Tizen studio. Here we will be creating a Tizen TV web project.

Project Creation Wizard

The Tizen studio has various project creation wizards and various templates and samples for quickly bootstrapping various project types. The provided templates each has a specific set of basic functionality built in like remote key handling, menu navigation etc. The developer can select those based on his/her needs. The new project creation wizard can be accessed under the File->new Project menu. The New project icon also does the same action.

The new project dialog window opts us to choose a project template or a sample. The project template provides a list of projects with predefined common functionalities built in. The samples provides list of projects explaining how to use various APIs and functionalities. The developer can choose either option

Template project types

The following are the most commonly provided template types

Basic template

This is the most general type of application. From this application type the developer can switch to developing any needed functionality. The application provides a blank page with a master JavaScript file with code for application initialization and basic remote key handling etc.

Caph Template for Angularjs/jQuery

Caph is a front end framework for Samsung smart TVs. The developer can create high performance front end applications using this framework. This framework also provides support for angularJs and jQuery, which further makes the application development a lot smoother.

Empty Template

This template provides nothing but the basic necessary files to create a Tizen TV application. This template is recommended for those developers who are willing to create TV applications from scratch.

jQuery MasterDetail/MultiPage/Navigation/SinglePage

This template provides the most common structure found in most of the applications. Using this template applications can be developed with common UI structure. This template is based on the jQuery Mobile technology.

Template selection window in Tizen Studio

Template selection window in Tizen Studio

The developer has the freedom to choose from the list of templates provided above. The user can also use his own template for development by starting from scratch and reusing that template whenever needed. Once the template selection is done, the user is directed to the profile selection page.

Profile selection window in Tizen Studio

Profile selection window in Tizen Studio

In the profile selection window, the user is asked to choose the profile or the platform in which he is going to develop. The developer is given various profile choices like mobiles, wearables, embedded devices and TV. The list of profiles shown in this window is based on the number of profiles the developer has installed along with the Tizen TV studio. Installing Tizen TV extensions page will give a brief information on this topic. Once the profile is selected, the user will be redirected to the technology selection window.

Technology selection window in Tizen Studio

Technology selection window in Tizen Studio

The developer can opt for application development using the common web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc or can choose the native mode of development using C and C++. The native mode of development provides much more higher insight into the development process and the developer can access more deeper level functionalities.

More project properties in Tizen Studio

More project properties in Tizen Studio

The next window provides options for defining various other project properties such as project name, project location, working set selection etc.

Once the above said process is completed, the user is provided with the newly created application. By taking a look at the above process, the developer can understand that, how easy it is to develop an application using the Tizen studio. Everything is straightforward in creating a new application. The next article will be discussing about how to do some coding on the created new project and actually run that code.

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