Tizen TV application development – Introduction

Samsung Smart TV

After the introduction of the Samsung Smart TV platform for developers, Samsung introduced it’s new Tizen platform for development. The Tizen platform even though provided all the flexibility of the Samsung Smart TV platform, it’s different in it’s own aspect regarding the features it provides to the developers. Almost all the modern Smart TVs from Samsung now come with the Tizen OS installed and hence aiding the development in Tizen for all it’s latest TV models.

Tools for development

The Tizen TV development is done using the Tizen TV SDK. This includes an IDE (eclipse based), a light weight TV simulator (Web Apps), a TV emulator (Tizen Apps). The above said tools are available for all the developers free of cost on all the major operating system platforms. These tools provide no restriction in the development process, which enables the developers to code millions of applications for this platform.

Getting the development tools.

As already said, Samsung provides all the development tools for free to all the developers. The development tools can be downloaded from the below link

Tizen Studio Download link

The TV extension Image Download link

The TV extension image for Tizen provides the necessary tools for Tizen TV development. Tizen as a platform is general for developing web based and native applications across various range of devices like Mobiles, TVs, Wearables, Set Top boxes etc. The TV extension tools can be downloaded separately and added to the Tizen Studio or can be installed as extensions through the extension manager online. The instructions for adding the TV extension image offline can be found in one of my previous posts. The extension image includes emulators for platforms like TV, mobile and wearable.

Getting Started with the development process.

Once the above said toolset is downloaded and setup in the development machine, the developer can start with the development process. The development process consists of developing the application, testing the application on the emulator, final testing on TV, digitally signing the application to prevent deformation and finally uploading the application to the app store for other people to use. To aid with the development process, Samsung provides various API for the development task. It also provides tips on developing optimal applications for Tizen TV.

Tizen development features.

Developing for Tizen TV is fun as the SDK is filled with lots of features for the developers to explore. The developers have access to the features like remote control access, various UI features and elements, application resolution and display control, support for most of the common web application features, support for multi tasking, TLS support for encrypting the communicated messages etc.

Development for Tizen TV is a fun filled learning process, as the developers have access to all the associated tools in all the computer platforms. The developers can make use of all the development features and can develop any applications. These developed applications after proper testing can be uploaded to the app store for the common end users to download and use. The developers can also earn a fortune from their apps by advertisement placements. So what are we waiting for. Lets jump in. I will be continuing with the development process over a series of video tutorials and posts in course of time. Stay tuned.

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