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Samsung Smart TV

Developers when developing applications for Tizen TV will get access to the development features of the Tizen platform. This post will provide a summary of those features. The developer can access and make use of those features based on the application needs. Lets have a look at those features one by one.

Remote Control

TV remote is the most basic and one of the main device used for interacting with the TV platform. The Tizen TV SDK has APIs for handling the key events from the TV remote and do the necessary actions accordingly. Apart from TV remote, the user has other methods of interaction such as voice control, gesture control and control through other devices using the USB medium or through any other wireless channels.

UI features

Tizen TV SDK also provides APIs for developing it’s UI elements. Frameworks like WebApis, CAPH, Apps, PNacl provide APIs to the developer for developing the UI components for TV platform. The UI elements have to obey the guidelines that are specified by Samsung. The developer should also keep the user experience in mind when developing the UI

Application Resolution

Tizen TV models comes in various resolutions and aspect ratios. Most of the TV models have a 16:9 aspect ratio. UHD TV models comes with a 1920×1080 resolution. FHD models comes with a 1280×720 resolution. The developer should keep in mind the aspect ratio and the resolution of the TV when developing applications. This will avoid too much empty space and also avoids the appearing of unnecessary scroll bars in the app

Web application features

Tizen TV provides access to almost all the latest web APIs for it’s development. The developer can make use of Web APIs such as mouse support, video elements, animations etc. Also the Tizen TV also provides it’s own APIs provided by Samsung. All these APIs in combination will make life easier for the developer in implementing the features for the Samsung Smart TV platform. The various web APIs provided by Samsung can be accessed from the following link

TLS support

Application security is one of the most commom features that an application needs. Tizen TV provides support for TLS that enables applications to securely transmit data over the internet. SSL is not supported.

Multitasking Applications

Tizen TV has the ability to run multiple applications by switching between the running applications upon user action. The currently running application should properly minimize itself to the background and allow way for the new application without holding up any resources. The developer should keep these concepts in mind when developing applications for Smart TV

The above said features are available for every developer to implement in their applications. With these features Tizen TV SDK provides developers life easier in implementing various application features without relying on external libraries to the maximum. My next article will be featuring on developing a simple application using Tizen TV SDK.


Could you please share any Multitasking Applications/concept so that we’ll implement in our project

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