Tizen based Samsumg Smart TV app development

Samsung Smart TV

In this article we will be discussing about developing applications for the Samsung Smart TV Platform using the Tizen platform. Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C API. This has recently been devices like Televisions, Smart Phones, Car entertainment systems, Blue ray players, home theatres etc. Tizen was introduced as a joint effort from Samsung, Intel, Linux and Tizen Foundation. This group consisted of experts in various fields like Software, telecommunications, Mobile and other hardware, technology enthusiasts etc. These members by forming a Technology Steering Group inside Tizen foundation, will move forward with taking architectural decisions and changes.

Tizen in Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV has been using legacy platform technologies (based on HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS and C++ for native) for developing software applications. Currently the latest Smart TV models run on the Tizen Platform. Not only just TVs, even mobiles are also using the Tizen platform. So for developing applications for the latest Samsung Smart TV platforms, learning the Tizen platform is essential. Tizen platform also uses the same latest web technologies as used by the legacy platforms, and also the native application development using C++. In addition to these technologies, Tizen platfrom also utilizes the latest web security standards, device independent execution model, advanced streaming facilities, connection to the latest peripheral devices etc.

Developing using the Tizen platform

Samsung provides full support for the developers who are developing applications for their Smart TV platforms by providing the SDK’s and the necessary documentation. Similarly in the case of Tizen, Samsung also provides support for developing applications by providing the following tools.

The Samsung Tizen TV SDK is an eclipse based IDE, similar to the SDK for the legacy Samsung Smart TV platforms. This is concentrated only for Smart TV development based on Tizen. Whereas the Tizen Studio is a generalised platform where it provides an integrated development for Televisions, mobile platforms. It’s moreover kind of an single stop development package, where we can integrate all the images and tools needed for developing applications for TV, mobile phones and other devices, all under a single roof.

The most helpful information that is available to the developers is the well maintained documentation. The availability of the development tool set along with the documentation allows any developer to start with the development process. In my next post, I will be showing in detail on how to set up the development environment.

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