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Samsung Smart TV

The Tizen TV emulator is one of the most important component in the Tizen TV development process. The emulator runs as a standalone virtual machine and hence cannot be run with the commonly available virtualization environments like VirtualBox, VMWare etc. The emulator gets installed when the Tizen TV SDK image gets installed. The Tizen TV emulator, since a standalone application, gets invoked during running Tizen TV applications.

The Tizen TV development consists of developing applications for the platforms like wearables, phones, TV etc and making them run on the corresponding devices. However the developers cannot test their application in all the devices everytime during development. All the devices to be tested may not be available, and also testing in real devices is a time consuming task. In order to ease this burden, Tizen has introduced the simulators and emulators for these devices, so that the developer can test the application without the need of any external hardwares.

Tizen provides emulators and simulators  for all its supported devices. The simulators are provided for mobiles and wearables. The emulators are provided for TVs. Emulators are much more robust than simulators, since emulators will virtualize the entire hardware platform, whereas simulators will virtualize a portion of the software stack. The Tizen TV emulator provides almost all the functions of a TV. The developer can test almost all the TV functions in the emulator itself. There are some limitations with the emulator regarding the TV functionality such as viewing and browsing channels, and other channel related functionalities.

The prerequisites for installing the Tizen TV emulator is explained in one of my previous articles. The emulator can be downloaded separately and added to the Tizen platform or can be downloaded and setup using the sdk manager. There is also a tool coming with the Tizen TV SDK called the device manager. The device manager window looks like the following.

Device Manager Window - Tizen Studio

Device Manager Window – Tizen Studio

The device manager window maintains the list of connected devices especially TV. The details of using the device manager and connecting real devices will be explained in one of my future posts. There is also something called the emulator manager. The emulator manager maintains the list of created virtual devices by the developer in the local machine. The developer can create virtual devices based on the following criteria

  • Installed emulator version
  • Installed emulator/simulator device type
  • Device resolution

Apart from creating emulators, the developers can also make use of the Samsung remote device testing facility. The remote device testing facility is only available for wearable devices and mobiles as of now.

Emulator manager Window - Tizen Studio

Emulator manager Window – Tizen Studio

Hence the presence of an emulator is very essential for the developers to test their developed functions on the local development environment. The emulator even though can emulate almost all the functions of a TV, the developer will still need a real TV for testing his functions, before uploading the application to the Tizen app store. The Tizen TV emulator comes along with the Tizen TV SDK image. The developer can either install it directly or through the package manager. Overall the emulator helps the developer to quick start his development without the possession of a real TV device.

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