Smart View in Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

Viewing the content from the mobile phone in the TV directly is an awesome experience. Smart View in Samsung Smart TV applications enable the user to stream content directly to the TV from the mobile device. All the compatible Samsung devices can share content seamlessly from one device to another. We will look into a little bit introduction about the Smart View SDK and will try to get some idea about it.

What is a Smart View?

Smart View is a technology for Samsung mobile phones, that enable other compatible Samsung Devices to share the screen contents. Smart View is available as a software in Samsung mobile phones. This technology can share the public pages of a specific app in a large screen such as the TV for a larger audience.

How are the devices connected?

The Samsung devices connected in the Smart View network communicates to each other through various means like Bluetooth, WiFi, direct beam or any other custom means encompassing any of the above communication mediums. The type of communication medium selected is based on the communication hardware available in the specific TV model. Once a specific device joins the network, it can stream the contents to the TV platform.

Type of contents streamed

As we saw in the previous paragraph, we can stream any type of content from the mobile phone to the connected TV device. Even though all pages can be streamed, mostly public pages of an application are streamed to the TV screen. Since the TV screen is intended for multiple audiences, public screens of an app are streamed. The private screens in an app is confined to the mobile screen other than the TV.

Working of Smart View SDK

In a Smart View network, compatible devices needs no extra setup in connecting with one another. There is an option in the mobile to search the compatible nearby devices. The app lists out the compatible devices. The user can connect to one of the listed devices. Once a specific device is selected, the mobile gets connected to the TV after a basic security procedure like a pass code or a pin match.

Developing for Smart View SDK

Developing applications for Smart View SDK needs a separate SDK. This does not comes default along with the Tizen TV SDK. The Smart View SDK needs to be installed separately. We will go through a separate tutorial on how to set up the Smart View SDK and develop applications using it.


The Smart View SDK as we saw it is a very powerful tool that enables the Samsung mobile devices to stream contents and play then directly in compatible Samsung TVs. This is an amazing feature that enables the user to project his mobile contents to a wider audience. The compatible devices needs a minimal setup in connecting and communicating with each other. We will look into further concepts in our next post.

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