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The Smart hub preview content policy will make sure that the developer use the Smart Hub preview feature within the restrictions. Samsung imposes certain restrictions on how the developers can use the Smart Hub preview feature. The policy imposes certain restrictions on what type of content to show, how much content to show etc. We will go through the Smart Hub preview content policy rules in this article.

What is Smart Hub content policy?

The Samsung developer consortium or group imposed certain restrictions on how developers can make use of the Samsung Smart Hub preview. In one of my previous posts, we have seen that Samsung uses sections and tiles to display the preview content in Smart Hub. This sections and tiles show various information based on the settings specified by the developer. Various content types can be previewed based on the type of application. The content types ranges from images, audio, video preview and thumbnails etc. The preview rules are specified in a JSON file. The user can navigate directly to the page by clicking on the preview tile shown in Smart Hub.

What are the Smart Hub preview policy rules?

The Smart Hub policy rules consists mainly the restrictions on the number of sections and tiles utilised in an application. The sections are the master blocks that previews the main pages in the application. The tiles are like sub sections that shows inner content from the section. This inner content includes, smaller options, inner sub menus or pages etc. The following are the Smart Hub preview policy rules.

  • Each app using the Smart Hub preview should have at least a section
  • Each section should have at least one tile
  • Section can have an optional tile that describes the section content
  • The section tile should not obstruct the section view.
  • Long title names will scroll through the tile or the section instead of obstructing the tile or the section view
  • The title should be displayed in the system language
  • An application can have a maximum of 40 tiles
  • Deep link URLs given on each tile should be unique
  • The thumbnail image in tile is mandatory and should be in PNG or JPG format
  • The thumbnail file can have a maximum size of 360KB
  • The thumbnail can have a maximum height of 250px
  • The thumbnail can have the following aspect ratios
    • 16:9 (444×250 px ~ 640×360 px)
    • 4:3 (333×250 px ~ 480×360 px)
    • 1:1 (250×250 px ~ 360×360 px)
    • 2:3 (167×250 px ~ 240×360 px)
  • The thumbnail images used should be appropriate for the viewers of all ages

The above rules are mandatory to enable the Smart Hub preview in an application. The developer has to obey these rules for making the Smart Hub preview work. These rules will be checked during the application screening, while submitting the application to the Samsung Smart TV app store.

Some considerations regarding preview.

The tile and the sections shows some images along with the titles and the subtitles. The title text is shown in a bold format. The sub title text is shown in a much less prominent form when compared to the title. The tile should display a play icon for playable content like audio or video. This indicates the user that the content is playable. The titles and the sub titles are displayed in the system language.


The Samsung Smart Hub preview uses sections and tiles to show the preview content. The preview tile can show various content based on the type of the application. The type of pages shown is also based on the preview (Public / Personalised). The developer sets the preview pages during development. The preview content can be personalised for a Personalised preview application.

We saw the set of rules that the preview content has to follow. Once the developer follows these rules, Smart Hub preview runs successfully. One more thing the developer mainly needs to handle is the return key. The developer also has to follow the return key policy rules in a Smart Hub preview application. We will look through the Smart Hub preview return key policy in our next article.

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