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We all will try out devices or any other home appliances before we buy it. Trying out the functionalities and the working will give us much more confidence before buying the product. I came across SamsungSimulator¬†that provides almost all of the latest Samsung devices for a virtual tryout. The users can go through the core functionalities of the provided devices virtually online. This is an amazing facility that helps the user to try out various Samsung devices online. This article continues in the form of a series of general questions that come to the user’s mind about this service.

What is the main use of SamsungSimulator?
With SamsungSimulator we can test almost all of the latest Samsung devices online. The how to information reagarding using those devices will be provided in the website itself. Any new user can easily glide through the information provided in the site and can test the devices.

What are the supported devices type?
Almost all the Samsung devices like Smart TVs, mobiles, home appliances, computing devices can be tested using this service. The users can check all the common features available in those devices online.

What is in it for Samsung smart TV developers?
Smart TV developers obviously need TVs for the final testing of their applications. For this they specifically need TVs with smart Hubs. Each model has it’s own way of operation. This requries the developer to look through the specifications of each TV and will have to find the suitable product. This service will enable the developer/user to get the right TV device selected. The developer can also try out how each features work by virtually working on the menus of the selected TV device

How to use the service?
Using this service is very simple. Just go the SamsungSimulator web application and then scroll to the section where you can select the product type that you want to test. Once you select a particular section, then the specific models inside that list will be listed out. Once you select a model, you can test the provided feature one by one on the device.

What are the features that can be tested in the device?
Most of the common setup like setting up the device, connecting to internet if an internet capable device, accessing it’s configuration, functionalities like changing channels, debugging setup, troubleshooting common problems etc in the case of smart TV. In the case of camera you will getting info on taking pictures, transfer of media, charging etc. Each device will be having it’s specific set of feature tryouts.

Is there any guidance available in the website?
When you select a particular device and a feature set to test, the site will be showing step by step instructions on how to completely go through that feature set. The user can follow that instructions. Also in order to provide a visual appeal, the console view of the specific feature set is shown as an animated image. The user can read the instruction one by one and can click on the animated image that gives the feel of the user operating the device directly.

Is this service the same as the Samsung Remote test lab?
This main intention of this service is to give a feel of the working of various Samsung devices. This service is not the same as Samsung remote test lab where the developer can actually upload the developed applicaitons and can test them on the real devices. This service is like a virtual assistant that takes a walk around the various features of the application rather than testing real applications in it.

Go on and take a try out for this service and let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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