Samsung Smart TV SDK installation – Video tutorial

Samsung Smart TV

This tutorial explains the installation of the Samsung smart TV SDK 4.5 installation in a step by step approach. It compares the differences between the 4.5 version of the SDK

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Thanks for nice tutorial.I am developing an app(javascript app) for samsung smart tv 2011 version and have the following questions:

1)What version of samsung sdk(IDE for Windows) should i download( sdk versions 5.1,4.5,4.1,4.0 beta)so i could receive real device console logs from my developed app? or i could use the latest sdk(5.1) from Samsung TV SDK for Legacy Platform?

2)How to connect the IDE for Windows/sdk to tv to receive the logs from my app?My app is working corectly on simulator and I can view the logs on simulator but my app is not working properly on real device therefore i need to view the logs from real devuce inorder to fix the problems.

3)Do i need apache server or the sdk has its own server?

I would appreciate if you answer my above questions and tell me the steps to receive real device logs.Thanks

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