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The CAPH UI framework in Samsung Smart TV environment provides an easy way to develop UI applications in smart TV versions greater than 2015. CAPH framework provides many predefined customizable UI widgets that increases the speed in application development. The Samsung Smart TV SDK 2015 version has straightforward project wizards for creating a CAPH application. Once the CAPH project is created it includes a caph.js library to the project folder. This library provides the entire CAPH framework implementation.
The CAPH framework provides a collection of customizable UI widgets that are configurable. The most commonly used ones are as follows

• Label
• Navigator
• Grid Widget
• List Widget
• Images

The SDK also provides predefined widget templates when creating a CAPH application that speeds up the development process. The widget templates are designed from the most commonly used layouts and UI elements. The following diagram show the architecture of the CAPH framework.

Now let’s take a detailed look at each of the components of the architecture diagram.

CAPH WUI engine
The CAPH WUI engine serves the main layer of interface between the CAPH framework components and the lower most layer of the CAPH framework like the web browser and the JavaScript engine. The main task of the CAPH WUI engine is to convert the CAPH framework API calls to the low lever Web component calls combined with other optimizations and the final result is rendered inside the TV platform. It also helps in coordinating various components of the CAPH framework to work in synchronization with each other, and also event management, UI widget hierarchy management etc.

The CAPH WUI engine API provides the API interface to the upper layer CAPH framework components like the WUI widgets, Animations and the associated data. This API can be also called as the CAPH API. This layer provides the programmatic control of the CAPH framework to the outer layers.

CAPH WUI Widgets
The CAPH WUI Widgets is one of the top level CAPH framework component. It provides the collection of UI widgets for the easy development of web based applications. The most commonly used UI widgets are listed above. Each UI widgets are configurable. The SDK also provides templates based on the list of UI widgets and patterns that are commonly used during the CAPH project creation. It also provides event management for the UI widgets, hierarchy management, scene management, UI management etc.

CAPH WUI Animations
The CAPH WUI Animations provides the support for animation and special effects related to the CAPH WUI widgets. This makes use of the web graphics acceleration API. This makes use of the CSS renderer, Animator, WebGL renderer, 2D canvas renderer etc. The animation effects include fade, transfer, rotate, scale, flip, bounce etc. The animations are performed in accordance with the Smart TV motion guide. These animations are made possible with the help of CAPH framework co-ordinate system. This makes use of css3, matrix and matrix3d coordinate system. In the lower level, the animation layer makes use of the animation functions provided by the browser environment.

CAPH WUI Data Acceleration API
This layer maintains the data related activities like data management, acceleration of data related operations like response time optimization etc. This module helps in the efficient data management that helps in the overall smoother function of the CAPH framework data related tasks. It also provides JavaScript level cache management.

Web Browser
This is the lower most layer in the CAPH framework. This is basically a browser module mostly with a webkit based engine that uses the lower level JavaScript APIs to implement the higher level function calls from other CAPH layers. This makes use of CSS, 2D Canvas, WebGL etc to render the UI components of the CAPH application. This will handle all the lower level optimizations, so that the UI components are rendered in an efficient manner.

JavaScript Engine
The JavaScript Engine is the basement of the CAPH framework as well as any other project in a Samsung Smart TV platform. This will handle the ajax calls and the other computations on the inside with the help of worker threads. The final implementation of all the above module API calls is rendered by the JavaScript engine.

Web Apps Layer
This is the top most layer in a CAPH framework. The applications that are implemented by the user using the CAPH framework API calls falls in this layer. The applications in this layer is maintained by all the underlying CAPH framework components under the hood.

Overall the CAPH framework provides a very productive environment for the developer to create UI widget based web applications in the Smart TV environment in an easy manner. Let make use of the CAPH framework to develop applications of our like. The CAPH framework works on Samsung Smart TV versions from 2015 onwards. For developing applications for the TVs older than the 2015 model, we can go for the Apps Framework from Samsung Smart TV.

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