Samsung Smart TV Application Development Overview

Samsung Smart TV

In one of my previous article, I have given a general introduction about the scope of developing applications in the Smart TV environments. This article will be specifically focussed on developing applications for the Samsung Smart TV platform. Samsung Smart TV provides the SDK for developing applications for its platform. The SDK includes the following

  • Integrated Development Environment (Eclipse)
  • Smart TV Emulator
  • Automated Testing Tools
  • Debugger
  • Various framework based project creation tools

All the above features are provided free of cost for the developer community. The developed applications can be uploaded to the Samsung App store after a set of review process by the Samsung Team. Developers can use the Smart TV emulator for checking the output during the development. However, for testing features, they need a real Smart TV connected to the internet though. The Samsung Smart TV store provides other facilities like ability to display advertisements along with the application, in app purchase options etc. Let us look into a step by step manner on getting started with Samsung Smart TV Development.

Downloading the SDK

Of course, for developing Smart TV applications, we are going to need the SDK. The SDK can be downloaded from the Samsung Smart TV developer website. The later Smart TV models after 2015 are concentrating on developing applications using the Tizen platform. The models prior to 2015 are using the legacy platform for development. The SDK can be downloaded from the following link

The Tizen download is available as a single package studio that has all the tools necessary via the plugin download manager. The Legacy platform SDK needs manual downloading of the individual entities and clubbing it up together to set up the development environment.

Setting up the development environment

Now the tools available for development is at our hands, we can now move forward and set those tools ready to start with the development process. The Tizen TV SDK involves, installing the studio, and downloading the essential entities like emulator through the plugin install window. Everything is a straightforward process in all the development platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). Once the plugins are installed, we can start with the development process. For the Legacy platform, we have to download the emulator, and the associated tools like VirtualBox and install them separately. Now we have to link the emulator with that of the IDE, so that when running the application, the IDE knows which emulator to launch. Some applications need the real TV to be connected to the development machine to test the output. Once this setup is ready, we can start with the development process.

Developing applications

The Samsung Smart TV IDE provides various project wizards, that help the developer in creating the basic project in the selected framework without any effort. Now the development of the functionality is mostly done in the JavaScript language. Once the application is developed, it needs to be tested. The application can be either tested using the integrated emulator, or directly in the Smart TV that is connected to the development server. Once the testing is done, the developed applications can be uploaded to the app store. Before uploading the applications to the app store, it should follow the rules and regulations of the Samsung app store. Once the application is uploaded, the Samsung Smart TV team members will review the uploaded app. If there are any problems, the uploaded developer will be notified. If not, it will be listed in the app store and it can be downloaded to other compatible Smart TVs.

Other Services

Apart from just developing applications and uploading them to the app store, the developer can generate income from various advertisements that can be integrated into the Samsung Smart TV Environments. Also there are options for applications that are based on e-commerce. Developers can avail these facilities, if wishing to get some income from their applications. They can also upload applications that are commercial.

Thus developing applications for the Samsung Smart TV Environment is an awesome skill that is entertaining, and also at the same time rewarding. What are you waiting on, download the SDK and start building something awesome?


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