Return key policy in Smart Hub Preview applications

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The return key policy in Smart hub provides rules for the remote key press event. This rule applies when the user is making use of the Smart Hub preview feature. Setting the key actions is one of the major things a developer needs to take care of while developing for Smart TV applications. By default the return key is supposed to exit the user from the current running application. The developer needs to take care of some extra stuff when programming the remote key in applications with the Smart Hub preview feature. This article deals with those rules.

What is a return key policy?

The return key policy refers to the set of rules that are to be obeyed by the key press actions. The developer has to handle the action for navigating the user properly when clicking the back or the return button. The return key handler is provided by default when the user creates a new application using the application wizard. The default action is to take the user to the home screen of the TV from the application.

Recap of contents in Smart Hub preview

The Smart Hub preview is a feature that enables the user to preview specific pages of the application without actually opening it. The pages selected for preview is chosen by the developer. The preview is done by various parts called tiles and sections. The tiles ans sections by obeying a set of rules can preview various types of content. The content ranges from images, video, audio etc. The content shown on the tiles are based on the content specifications as described in the previous article.

Deep link return key policy

When clicking the back button from the Smart Hub preview enabled application, the key handler follows some rules. The user can navigate to the direct page shown on the preview tile by clicking the tile. The page navigated to is based on the type of page selected based on the type of preview. Based on the type of page selected, the user is either in the detail page or home page. When the user is in the detail page, pressing the return key will navigate the user to the previous page until the home page. When the user is in the home page, the return key press will take the user to the Smart Hub screen and closes the application. The developer needs to maintain this workflow when developing for applications with Smart Hub preview feature.


We have taken a look into the handling of the return key in a Smart Hub preview application. The user is navigated accordingly when the return key is pressed. When the user is in the detail page, he goes to the previous page. If the user is in the home page, he exits the app. The key policy for every apps has to to be maintained for proper navigation from and to the app. Applications with the Smart Hub preview feature has also to obey some rules. We will look into the technical side of implementing this feature in one of our future posts.

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