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It has been almost 6 years since I have started my YouTube channel. Well, when coming to the accomplishment part, I have published 13 videos, all of which are related to tech. 13 videos published in a YouTube channel in a time span of 6 years is the worst way to maintain a channel. I mostly blog about technical stuff that I see around and learn. Most of my topics come from programming in the entertainment domain like smart TV, game console programming etc. Among all the videos that I have published, the development related to Samsung Smart TVs are the ones that have got some user attention. These videos earned me some subscribers, view count and also some income from Google AdSense. Things were going smoothly, when the publishing of videos almost stopped because I got lazy.

I have almost spent the past year in the planning phase rather than the execution phase. To be frank, I have carried out the planning part which is very easy. All we got to do is make some to do lists and live with the hope that things will get done someday. But in the reality, nothing happens until you start executing your plans. So I brought all the courage to start republishing the videos one after the another in my channel. My channel can be found in the following link

Hereafter, I will be blogging about more technical stuff. I have plans to explore the world of hardware programming through the Arduino platform, and also into the word of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. If possible, I can probably combine those worlds with the existing content in Samsung Smart TV development. Well the possibilities are almost unlimited. It’s up to us to start exploring and finding something cool.


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