Installing extensions for Samsung TV SDK

Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung TV platform provides various tools to get started with the development process. The major development took is the SDK IDE. This IDE is an eclipse based development environment aiding the developers for Samsung TV Development. The IDE provides various tool sets such as build chains, project wizards, emulator integration, testing toolset integration, connecting with external hardware etc. The Samsung TV development SDK along with the extensions form the complete development environment. The extensions for the Samsung TV platform includes the TV and mobile emulators, extensions for other Samsung hardware integration etc.

Extension Manager

In order to deal with the Samsung TV extensions a little more easier, the Samsung TV SDK (Tizen Studio) has included the package manager or the extension manager as the user prefers to call it. The package manager comes along when you install the Tizen Studio. On the last step in Tizen Studio installation, there is an option to launch the package manager. The user can select this option to launch the package manager immediately.

Samsung TV installation last Step

If otherwise the package manager can be launched from the following location.

<Tizen Studio installation path>/package-manager/package-manager.exe

The above location is for the Windows platforms. In other platforms, the package manager can be located at the similar location in their appropriate installation folders. Once launched, the package manager will list out the default set of packages for the current Tizen TV platform. Other packages can be listed based the given source URL. By default the Tizen Studio lists out packages for Tizen TV, Tizen Web application, Tizen mobile application etc.

Installing extensions

Once the extensions are listed either by default or by the user giving some custom URL for the extension source, the loaded extensions are listed out. The user can scroll through the extension list and can install the needed extension. Once the user selects a specific extension, an install button appears at the side. Clicking this icon installs the specific extension. The installation plus the download process will take some time based on your network speed. The extension file is a bit heavy. Once the installation is done, the status is shown in the extension manager and the user can either restart the SDK or continue with his development.

Samsung TV extensions

Since the Tizen TV provides extensions like emulators for TV, Smart Phone and Web, in order to save developer’s time, the Samsung TV provides the extensions for TV development as a separate package. The developer can download this package separately and can integrate with the package manager for a quick setup of the Tizen TV development environment, without worrying about other extensions.

Custom URL integration

Options for integrating external resource URLs can be found in the settings option of the Samsung TV package manager. Inside the settings window, there is an option for adding extension SDKs.

Samsung TV extension SDK


Samsung TV extension SDK

Inside the extension SDK window, we can add new custom resource URLs and then the corresponding name. The URL can be a remote file or a local file from the file system, that you have downloaded. Once this URL is added, the contained packages are listed inside the packages list. As usual the user can select the corresponding package and can install, update or remove the installed packages.


The Samsung TV extension manager hence serves as a valuable tool to the developer in installing, updating and removing extensions for developing applications. The extensions like simulators, emulators etc are necessary for testing the applications output outside the TV environment.

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