Hardware and Software requirements for Samsung Smart TV Development

Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV development involves setting up the development environment and then starting with the development process. of course, this needs a little bit of syntax study in order to become familiar with the development language. these two things becomes the essential things when starting the development task for any product (including the Smart TV). apart from these, the machine that is being used for development should have the necessary bells and whistles in it for maintaining a smooth development experience.

This article is all about just listing the minimum expected configuration that the development machine should have in order to start with the Smart TV development process. it also discusses the list of software tools that are to be installed on the development machine. one thing to note clearly is that, whatever the discussed system configuration is not the exact one needed, rather than the one recommended by Samsung. this configuration will ensure, smooth development experience. as usual, more higher configuration will yield smoother experience and lesser configuration will slow down the development process. the older versions of the SDK is developed as an eclipse plugin. the recent versions seems to be more rigid and standalone when compared to that of the old, which is an eclipse plugin.

Let’s take a look at the list of the specs recommended by Samsung for a smoother development workflow.

Operating System

Samsung Smart TV development can be done on all the major operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. the SDK for development can be obtained for the above operating systems. even though all the operating systems are supported, there are some specifics like the one given below

Operating systems Versions
Windows 10/8/7
Mac 10.10/10.11
Linux – Ubuntu 16.04/14.04

The above said version are pre-tested by Samsung. When using these above operating system versions, the application development will be a lot more smoother because of the support from Samsung dev team on these devices. The other devices can also aid with the development, but the development workflow will not be as planned and documented. Other versions of Linux also support this concept, but there is no official support from Samsung or the Smart TV development team, hence it is preferable to stick with Ubuntu if you are a hardcore Linux user.


with various architectures in computing hardware around the market, Samsung Smart TV development can happen in both the leading architectures in the market. They are x86 and x64. Samsung Smart TV development can happen in the following architectures.

Operating system Architecture
Windows x86/x64
Mac x64
Linux x86/x64

The x86 and x64 stands for the commonly said 32 and 64 bit architectures.


The processor is the main component that runs any software. For running the Samsung Smart TV SDK any dual core processor with a reasonable clock speed (greater than 2Ghz)  would serve the purpose.


The Smart TV development kit like the eclipse IDE, or emulator or the Tizen Studio in the case of Tizen development will take up huge amounts of memory for it’s running. So while development, it would be better if you just use a machine with minimum 3GB of RAM, so that the software runs smoothly. Limited memory will reduce the application performance.

Disk Space

While installing the Samsung Smart TV SDK, the software will take a reasonable amount of the hard drive for it’s installation. So a minimum of 6GB space will be needed for the installation of the SDK, the emulator, the software that runs the emulator (VirtualBox) etc. In the case of TIZEN TV SDK, the installation of the IDE and the associated virtual machines, will take up much more space.

Virtualization Support

During the development process, the output of the current program is checked in the emulator most of the time. For Intel machines, the processor should support the Intel VT-x technology for running the emulator. Other processor should support the necessary platform for hardware virtualization for the emulator to run successfully.

Graphics Support

The machine should have the necessary graphics support for the smooth functioning of the emulator. Most of the commonly used Graphic Cards like NVidia and ATI are supported. If the machine is using NVidia optimus technology, then the host machine can run the emulator directly using the onboard graphics card. If there is no optimus technology, then the application will be in need of an external graphics card.  Some integrated cards in Intel are not supported. Make sure that, you have the latest driver update for the current graphics hardware you are using.

Webcam Support

The emulator can also access the host system webcam for developing integrated video applications. The formats supported are USB video C, and other native formats.

Google Chrome

Google chrome browser is also essential during the development process. The emulator and the TV also uses the chrome based engine for it’s execution. Google chrome is available for all the commonly available operating systems.

Additional Requirements

Python tTraze is an app for TIZEN application optimization and monitoring the application performance. Python version 2.7 is used commonly. The python website has all the necessary requirements and instructions for it’s installation in all platforms. For windows, we have ready made installers, brew package manager for Mac and for Linux we can use the native software repositories for installing python to the corresponding platform.

The above said requirements is given in a detailed format in the following link

Samsung Smart TV Development System Requirements


Making the necessary environment setup is essential for a smoother development workflow. In my next tutorial, I will be demonstrating on how to install the TIZEN studio for starting with TIZEN TV development.

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