Develop smart TV apps using the .Net framework

Samsung Smart TV

Developing smart TV apps using the .NET framework is an amazing opportunity for .NET developers. Tizen TV SDK provides various tools for application development. The developers also get various choices in terms of the programming language used. Tizen has also added the .Net development stack along with the existing stack of programming languages like JavaScript and C++. Using the Tizen .Net framework, developers can develop applications using the Common Language Runtime (CLR) features of the .Net platform. This mode of development is much more robust, efficient and secure.

Tizen .Net platform introduction

Tizen .Net platform introduces the more robust .Net programming platform for developing Tizen TV applications. The developers can make use of the Common Language Infrastructure to develop robust and secure TV applications. The Tizen TV platform is introduced in January 2018. The main parts of the framework includes the .Net core, Xamarin forms, Tizen FX and the Tizen TV API. These components in combination provides an unified development experience to the developer

Cross platform features

.Net core and the Xamarin forms in the Tizen TV platform enables cross platform application development. The applications run on a TV, Android and IOS devices that support Xamarin Mono.

TV specific features

The TV specific features are based on the .Net C# framework. This framework adds the TV specific features on top of the Samsung common devices platform. This . The most common feature being the enhanced audio and video debugging support which is one of the crucial feature in a TV.

Framework architecture

The Tizen TV .Net framework is built over the linux kernel. The linux kernel holds the .Net core and the native TV systems. The .Net core houses the .Net runtime and the components necessary for running the Tizen TV, Xamarin forms and the Tizen Fx API. In short, it houses all the .Net based components for the TV.  The native TV systems holds the native drivers for each individual TV hardware components. On top of this device driver stack, it holds the basic components for the Tizen TV web and native applications. The framework as a whole, provides a unified development experience to the user for developing .Net, native as well as common web applications.

A more detailed look inside

Xamarin Forms

Xamarin forms can be used to build cross platform UI components that runs on Android, IOS, Windows phones and desktop platforms using C# and XAML applications. The UI components developed are cross platform.

.NET core

Microsoft introduced the .Net platform as an enabler for cross platform application development. Developers can develop apps on various platforms like desktop applications, IOS devices, android devices, Linux devices and desktops, IOT platforms, embedded systems etc and a lot more.

Tizen FX API

Tizen FX API provides the cross platform device support like getting the device information, hardware profiles, basic and common sensor data, connectivity services, user account information access etc. These functionalities are based on the Samsung common devices API.


When it comes to TV, apart from accessing the common information like user profile, hardware profile it needs extended support like accessing TV specific information. The Tizen FX TV API provides this functionality. Tizen FX API is introduced to provide TV specific functionalities.

Here we have seen a general introduction to the Tizen TV development based on the .Net platform. We will look into further details of this API in our later posts.

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