Debugging a Samsung Smart TV Application (1) – Video Tutorial

Samsung Smart TV

This video tutorial aims at demonstrating the debugging of a Samsung Smart TV application using the built in chrome based developer tools. Debugging an application serves the main purpose of identifying the bugs during the development phase.  The developer tools provide various tools for identifying the following like execution time of functions, network related discrepancies, analyse the source code at run time. These tools provide a detailed insight into the code during the development phase.


Thanks for nice tutorial. Could you tell me how to install virtualbox web server? Is it installed by default when installing virtualbox or should i install it manually? Could you tell me the steps to install virtualbox web server?

Hi David,

The virtubox web server will be installed by default when you install virtualbox. You just have to import the virtual machine image and then point out that in the IDE, under the preferences section. The virtualbox web server is installed by default.

Please do reply if any further questions

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