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Application building process for Tizen TV

The application building process for Tizen TV consists of a predefined st of steps to be followed to bring our application to life.

Smart View in Samsung Smart TV

Viewing the content from the mobile phone in the TV directly is an awesome experience. Smart View in Samsung Smart TV applications enable the user to stream content directly to the TV from the mobile device. All the compatible Samsung devices can share content seamlessly from one device to another.

Wits in Samsung Smart TV applications

Ever thought about streamlined development in Samsung Smart TV applications? Well, Wits is here to the rescue. Wits in Samsung Smart TV applications reloads the application in TV during development. This in turn frees the developer from the compiling and the packaging process involved when developing applications in TV directly. It comes into play in […]

Return key policy in Smart Hub Preview applications

The return key policy in Smart hub provides rules for the return key press event. This rule applies when the user is making use of the Smart Hub preview feature. Setting the return key actions is one of the major things a developer needs to take care of while developing for Smart TV applications.

Smart Hub preview content access policy

The Smart hub preview content policy will make sure that the developer use the Smart Hub preview feature within the restrictions. Samsung imposes certain restrictions on how the developers can use the Smart Hub preview feature.

Develop smart TV apps using the .Net framework

Developing smart TV apps using the .NET framework is an amazing opportunity for .NET developers. Tizen TV SDK provides various tools for application development. The developers also get various choices in terms of the programming language used.

PlayReady DRM in Samsung Smart TV applications

PlayReady is a DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution following WM (Windows Media) DRM, which helps in accessing and securing media content on Smart TV applications. It deploys various technologies like embedded licenses, domain control etc to protect digital content. Samsung Smart TV models after 2011 supports PlayReady DRM. The older models support the WM DRM. […]

Digital Rights Management in Samsung Smart TV Applications

Digital Rights Management is one of the main concepts in the field of digital media. Digital Rights Management arose as a set of steps that prevent the piracy of copyrighted content. DRM arose as a preventive measure, when the online piracy is at its peak

Default Remote Key handling setup in Samsung Smart TV

The project wizard in Samsung smart TV helps the developer to bootstrap a project with almost no basic setup. All the project types have an associated project wizard for bootstrapping. The bootstrapped applications will have the basic configurations setup enabled by default. One among those default setup is the default remote key handling. This article […]