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Reading Time WP plugin integration into my blog

3 minutes readReading time wordpress plugin is one of the most useful wordpress plugins that I tried recently. This plugin displays the approximate reading time of a blog article. The reader knows the time to read the article without actually reading it. The articles published in medium has a reading time displayed. This article explains the steps […]

The Tizen Operating System

2 minutes readTizen is an open source operating system supported and maintained by Samsung and backed by Intel. Tizen is currently running almost all of Samsung’s products including Smart TV, mobile phones, printers, home appliances, wearables etc. Since it is open source and uses Linux and GNU C based API, it comes under the domain of the […]

My Youtube Channel

2 minutes readIt has been almost 6 years since I have started my YouTube channel. Well, when coming to the accomplishment part, I have published 13 videos, all of which are related to tech. 13 videos published in a YouTube channel in a time span of 6 years is the worst way to maintain a channel. I […]