Audio and Video application features in Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

In my previous article, we have seen that the Smart TV developer API will give access to the developer to control audio and video applications. The developer, by means this API, can control the audio/video applications or can implement audio and video related features in the current application under development. Various audio/video features like streaming, composing, encoding, decoding etc. Audio/Video applications serve a major portion in the entertainment domain. Most of the TV applications are streaming applications.

Streaming applications require an encoder and decoder to be processed. Samsung smart TVs provide support for audio and video encoders and decoders. The decoders supported by the TV varies based on the TV model. Even though the decoders differs based on the selected TV model, the Samsung TV provides support for most of the commonly available audio and video formats. The Smart TV provides various containers, that houses these decoders. The TV models also support MP3 live streaming, Adaptive video streaming applications.

With the list of APIs provided by Samsung, the developer can develop applications that can stream content either from remote video catch up services, or can play local audio/video applications from inside the application, other external devices or any other custom user created content. Most of the common formats has native support from the TV, while some needs specific plugins or external software.

Samsung TV also supports another concept called PlayReady. PlayReady is a content access and protection technology that came after Windows Media Digital Rights Management. PlayReady provides various features like domain control, embedded licenses, protection for a wide range of formats. These concepts will be explained further.

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