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When developing applications for the Tizen TV platform, we as developers have to go through the application build process to bring the application from concept to production. The application building process for Tizen TV consists of a predefined st of steps to be followed to bring our application to life. Once our application is uploaded to the app store, then users can search our application through the smart hub and can install it to their devices. We will look through the application building process one by one

Application building process

Application building process for Tizen TV involves following a set of steps to bring our application from idea to an actual application. The following process are necessary so that we can bring our application to life.

  • Application Design
  • UI design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Uploading to App Store

Application Design

The application design involves thinking about bringing the application functionality into a real application. The design process includes team discussions, bringing out the application flow through some diagrams, thinking about user interaction, the application business model etc and the list goes on. Once the application design process is complete, the developer will be sure about what the application end product will look like.

UI Design

The UI design process consists of actually designing the TV screen pages in pure HTML or through any other design tool that is handy to the developer. Once the UI design part is complete, the developer and the user will get a visual preview of how the application looks like in the TV. Some of the UI designers will create HTML pages for the design file or image that is initially created during the design process.


The coding part is where the actual application gets created. The developer can use the development tools of his choice for coding. Samsung Smart TV provides all the development tools for the developer to start with the development. The developer just needs to learn the syntax and the procedure needed to run the application, debug the application, running the application on TV and some other basic workflow functions to start with the development.


After application development, the app has be debugged to make sure that everything works fine. The testing or the debugging part starts alongside the development phase. The output can be checked both in the emulator and as well as the TV device. The emulator although can reproduce most of the TV functions, some critical TV functions like channels related information etc can only be checked if there is a real TV device. The developer has to test the application thoroughly before uploading it to the app store.

Uploading to the app store

After the developer ensures that the application is working fine without any issues, the application should be uploaded to the app store. The application should be digitally signed by a certificate by the author. This signing process is needed to enable the application to the submitted to the app store for review. After the upload, the developer waits for the review process to complete. The review process will take some time to complete. After the review process, the application will be available on the app store. The user can now search the application by name from the smart Hub of the TV and install it directly.


The developer has to follow through the application design process to bring his application from a concept to a real application. The completed app has to be digitally signed and submitted for review After the review process, the application will be made available on the app store.

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