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In our normal day to day lives, we are associated with doing many tasks. The completion of these tasks requires a set of procedures. We have to know the procedure to complete a specific task. The Web guides provide a clear idea about all the available features of Tizen. This article provides an introduction to the Tizen Web Guides and gives a glimpse of the features accessible from it.


Tizen provides a full fledged support for all its developers by providing all the tools they need for application development. It also provides web guides for reference. These guides give an idea of the features that are programmable by the developer. For making use of these features, Tizen provides various APIs to the developer. The developer can program all the available features with the APIs provided.

Features shown in Tizen Web Guide

Tizen web guides provides a list of features, that are available for the developers to program and make use of. We will take a look at the list of the features available, and then take a little peek into each of those features one by one in this article. The following are the list of features available.

  • Application management
  • Cordova
  • Alarms
  • Media and Camera
  • Connectivity services
  • Messaging
  • Sensors
  • Text Input and Voice
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Security
  • Error Handling
  • HTML5 specs and features

It is quite a list. When we look at the above list, we can see that Tizen provides a ton of programmable features for the developer to play with. We will look into these concepts in more detail in our future articles. The developer can mix and match these features based on the functionality of the app. These features can be combined to produce a meaningful app. They provide a set of APIs that enables the developer to customise them. The amount of functionality that the developer can bring to the application is countless.

Application management deals with the application life cycle, communication, application resources and various other features

Cordova discusses about the common functionalities in creating smart tv applications

Alarms help you to store any time related information. Alarms can trigger some actions during a specific time like starting an application.

Media and cameras are mostly associated with the multimedia. This involves recording and playing back multimedia content and the other related functionalities.

Connectivity solutions often look over the application getting connected to other devices and to other applications through various communication methods

Text input and voice deals with giving text and voice information to the TV. This involves selecting an option, voice commands etc.

Data storage deals with the secure storage of data and it’s management. The data can be anything ranging from application data, personal data etc.

Device settings deals aound with getting the device settings, properties, feature check and various other data

Security deals with data and content security. It also deals with the security of the multimedia content that is delivered and played by the TV

Error handling deals with how the application developer reacts to the application errors. The errors can occur anytime based on various reasons. The error handling API works at this place

HTML5 supplementary features deals with the features that are available for the developer to use from web applications for using with the TV API.


Tizen web guides provides a list of features available for development from Tizen. This lists out the list of features that can be programmed and controlled by the developer for creating various applications. The provided features can be customised to a certain level of extent. The developer can mix and match the provided features based on the application requirements. The provided features list are sometimes available to the smartphones and the wearable devices only. The developer has to take a note of that too. The web guide provides the feature list and the set of options under them for development. We will look into much more detailed look into each of these features in our future posts

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