Installing Tizen TV SDK on Windows – Video Tutorial

Getting started with Tizen TV development needs the Tizen TV SDK to be installed on the development machine. The video in this article guides you through installing Tizen TV SDK on Windows. The same procedure can be adopted for installing Tizen TV SDK on other platforms like Mac and Linux

Development process for Tizen TV applications – Video Tutorial

Tizen TV development process explains about the steps each developer should take to bring the application to life starting from concept to completion. This video explains the theory on brief regarding what are process involved in each step.

Introduction to Tizen TV Platform – Video Tutorial

It’s been a long time since I have updated my YouTube channel. After a long term of two years, I have successfully restarted my channel. Since, the reentry, I have started with a new playlist, covering the latest Tizen TV platform for TVs. The first video right here is trying to give a theoretical introduction to the Tizen TV Platform. This video takes you through what is Tizen, where it all started and all. Please go through the following video for further explanation.

An introduction about Tizen web Guides

In our normal day to day lives, we are associated with doing many tasks. The completion of these tasks requires a set of procedures. We have to know the procedure to complete a specific task. For some tasks, the procedure to be done is known by us, whereas for others, we need some reference for the procedures that needs to be accomplished.

Web application development process for Tizen TV

When developing applications for the Tizen TV environment, we have to follow the application development guidelines for better development. These steps are explained in the concept of Tizen TV development. This can be applied to any medium of development considering the minor domain level changes

Application building process for Tizen TV

The application building process for Tizen TV consists of a predefined st of steps to be followed to bring our application to life.

Smart View in Samsung Smart TV

Viewing the content from the mobile phone in the TV directly is an awesome experience. Smart View in Samsung Smart TV applications enable the user to stream content directly to the TV from the mobile device. All the compatible Samsung devices can share content seamlessly from one device to another.

Wits in Samsung Smart TV applications

Ever thought about streamlined development in Samsung Smart TV applications? Well, Wits is here to the rescue. Wits in Samsung Smart TV applications reloads the application in TV during development. This in turn frees the developer from the compiling and the packaging process involved when developing applications in TV directly. It comes into play in […]

Return key policy in Smart Hub Preview applications

The return key policy in Smart hub provides rules for the return key press event. This rule applies when the user is making use of the Smart Hub preview feature. Setting the return key actions is one of the major things a developer needs to take care of while developing for Smart TV applications.

Smart Hub preview content access policy

The Smart hub preview content policy will make sure that the developer use the Smart Hub preview feature within the restrictions. Samsung imposes certain restrictions on how the developers can use the Smart Hub preview feature.